Overview and benefits

Build your business and learn from experienced business owners
Our membership program offers a community for like-minded business people with a number of benefits and opportunities. Below we outline what NAABA has to offer and how you can get involved.
Required Documents For Full Member

Documents you will need to provide with your application include:

  • Proof of Aboriginal Ownership & Control: 51% or more owned by an Aboriginal person/group (must include both items listed below)
    1. Current Corporate/Shareholder Information – Incorporation documents showing Shareholders and amount of shares each shareholder holds. Can be found on Annual Return filed with Alberta Registries if your company has been registered for over a year, otherwise a Change Director/Shareholder Proof of Filing will need to be completed if the shareholders information wasn’t provided when company registered.
    2. If more than one shareholder and/or Director is shown on the Corporate Registry then an agreement needs to be provided stating the following:

a) A signed shareholders agreement or any other agreement which restricts  voting by shareholders and the power of shareholders to change directors and
b) Confirms that there are no other shares of any class that are issued
c) If no shareholders agreement exists, then you will need a letter drafted by legal counsel addressing A & B above

  • Proof of Aboriginal Status: Status Card or Letter
  • RMWB Business License or if operating on First Nation land, an official letter from the First Nation confirming business operation
  • Proof of local for over one year – utility bill (power/water/gas) dating one year prior to application
  • Company Profile
  • Organization Chart

Benefits of becoming a Full Member:

  • Receive more visibility as a Certified Aboriginal business
  • NAABA provides you with the opportunity to promote your business
  • NAABA provides you with additional exposure to industry through events, sponsorship opportunities and ongoing communications
  • Provide access to industry representatives
    • For opportunities to bid
    • For networking
    • For access to procurement policies and regulations
  • NAABA provides you with the opportunity to build your business and learn from experienced business owners through mentorship.

Benefits of becoming an Associate Member:

  • Understand Progressive Aboriginal Business
  • Access to resources for purpose of developing or improving upon your Aboriginal engagement strategy
  • Increase your businesses’ social capacity (need to find a way to communicate “Social License- contributing to the Aboriginal community by employing Aboriginal companies allows you to become a preferred contractor”
  • Opportunity to subcontract with Aboriginal NAABA partners
  • Access to NAABA Net to provide work opportunities to Aboriginal Companies.