Membership Application Requirements

Please note that applications cannot be saved once started. They must be filled out in full including attachments (outlined below) and then submitted for approval.

Applications are presented for approval at the monthly board meetings – click here to view Upcoming Board Meetings

Application Submission Deadlines

Associate Membership 2 business days prior to board meeting
Full Membership (100% Aboriginal Owned) 2 business days prior to board meeting
Full Membership (51%+ Aboriginal Owned) 7 business days prior to board meeting
Before proceeding, please select the checkbox below if you meet the following requirements.

Full Membership Application Requirements

If 51% + other shareholders which are Non-Aboriginal then please read the following:

To ensure a fair, independent and confidential process, we have instituted a new accreditation process to review and assess all Full Membership applications. This process will provide approved applicants with a certification by NAABA that they are an Aboriginal business as defined by our bylaws. It is intended that there will be a periodic review of the structure of all Full Members to ensure they retain their status as an Aboriginal business.

All Full Member applications involving an Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal entity/partner will now have their applications reviewed by legal counsel chosen by NAABA. The fee for review is a flat rate of $750 and is payable to NAABA prior to review. A complete package assembled by NAABA is sent to our legal counsel for review once payment is received. If the package provided does not meet legal counsel’s satisfaction, which means the application is declined, feedback will be provided on what needs to be done to meet his satisfaction. If the applicant wishes to proceed and provide the additional documentation outlined, then an additional $500 fee will be required to continue the review. Once legal counsel has ensured your application meets criteria for Full Membership status, the recommendation will be submitted to the board of directors for approval.

In any situation where our legal counsel serves as legal counsel to an applicant causing conflict – alternate legal counsel chosen by NAABA will carry out the approval process.

Documentation Required for online application:

  • Proof of Aboriginal Ownership & Control: 51% or more owned by an Aboriginal person/group (must include both items listed below)
    1. Current Corporate/Shareholder Information – Incorporation documents showing Shareholders and amount of shares each shareholder holds. Can be found on Annual Return filed with Alberta Registries if your company has been registered for over a year, otherwise a Change Director/Shareholder Proof of Filing will need to be completed if the shareholders information wasn’t provided when company incorporated.
    2. If more than one shareholder and/or Director is shown on the Corporate Registry then an agreement needs to be provided stating the following:
      1. A signed shareholders agreement or any other agreement which restricts voting by shareholders and the power of shareholders to change directors and
      2. Confirms that there are no other shares of any class that are issued
      3. If no shareholders agreement exists, then you will need a letter drafted by legal counsel addressing A & B above
  • Proof of Aboriginal Status: Status Card or Letter
  • RMWB Business License or if operating on First Nation land, an official letter from the First Nation confirming business operation
  • Proof of local for over one year – utility bill (power/water/gas) dating one year prior to application
  • Company Profile
  • Organization Chart

Associate Membership Application Requirements

Documentation Required for online application:

  • Aboriginal Business Policy
    • Should include a detailed explanation as to how your organization will work with local Aboriginal companies when subcontracting work out and building relationships for future work opportunities
  • Statement of Commitment
    • Specific to how your organization will support NAABA’s goals, mission, and vision, attend NAABA events, provide sponsorship or some type of other support for NAABA’s revenue generating activities, etc
  • Organizational Chart
  • Business License
  • Company Profile
  • Company Logo